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I am an illustrator and I have been freelancing for over 30 years. It took me a long time to accept computers into my life but I soon realized it was the best thing I did for myself. An artist has to be flexible. And aside from going back to school, I needed a lot of help. was (and still is) the most important resource I use to keep on top of the latest software and business strategies. Thanks to the easy to follow tutorials, I can keep my website up and be competitive in my field.

Try some of these: video tutorials Flash tutorials Microsoft tutorials
Free 7-day trial Developer tutorials
Acrobat tutorials WordPress tutorials
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Proud to know Christopher personally I pass these titles to friends and get lots of "thank you"s. If you are in the mood for a good noir mystery, check out these to the left, or go to his site,  


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You wonder about some security on the internet? What is a "mail bomb"? This site from the UK has it all from a page for beginners that says "if you do nothing else, read this" to a glossary of terms. There is advice from travel tips to identity theft. I like it!

Thanks Get Safe online!


We are always looking for a place to eat when we go to the Twin Cities but can never afford it any more. BUT WE CAN!! I just saw a coupon for half off at French Meadow Bakery worth $20 (actually $40). That is Doable! Go for it!


I love this! It's called GROUPON. They have new coupons daily and it could be in your town.
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