Lynette has been a freelance artist for over 30 years and does not intend to give up any time soon.  Some of her most important work has been in publishing and gift ware design.

She lives in Owatonna, Minnesota, about 60 miles south of Minneapolis with her husband, Michael, dogs Jessie and Feargus, cats Uncle Bob, and Missie and parrot, Tinker.  Gardening is a hobby, when she has time (so you might guess she is mediocre at best but loves it all the same).

Here, in the shop she has decided to allow the use of her illustrations from the past.  The results so far has been so good she will continue to add more!

Lynette with cat Newton

Why read me.
“I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an artist”.   That would be a lie. There were several times I wondered of the wisdom of my career decision. I studied very hard, tried to keep up with trends and the brass ring always seemed to elude me. But that would be a lie too.  I was very successful at times and then failed miserably at others. It all seems to come down to one question I ask myself in those darker times. “What would you do differently?”  I could come up with another lie and say “Absolutely nothing!”  So what is the truth?  Well, art was not a choice for me, it is who I am. I think we all have that within us only in different degrees.  Many times in my career I have been approached by someone who has a truly unique idea, but needs it sketched out.  Extremely clever people who if you can believe it, envy me. Those same people have jobs, security, family.  I can’t even get a job and am not sure what I would do with it anyway.

Now after I have made you read about me some, I will tell you why you should read my blog.  You have not chosen to be an Artist, you are just somehow there.  Accept your fate an be the best you can be. Meanwhile, I have a lot of experience as an Artist, be it staff illustrator, designer, freelancer, costumer, and I have failed a whole lot more than I have succeeded. Perhaps we can share stories, help each other, and know we are not alone in the world.

An affordable way to enhance your project with unique and original illustrations.