I try to satisfy my clients in any way I can and of course I hope you will understand I need to make a living too. So lets all hope we can be reasonable and if there is a way I can improve my site, let’s hear it!

Meanwhile, I have a simple contract I hope you will agree to. Basically it means to give you permission to use the work without the worry that I will forget you purchased it and come after you.  It also points out that you have not bought the copyright to the work .  If you want to buy the copyright, I do sell them for a flat fee, but be prepared to pay for it up front.  Also, you might want to commission me to do something completely fresh and new.  That would be a good idea as my work sells.  I then turn you over to my agent, Mildred Yuan

Thanks again, Lynette

An affordable way to enhance your project with unique and original illustrations.