* What if I buy an image and it still has a watermark on it?

That can happen and I am sorry.  It is just a result of a long night.  If you let me know about it, I can fix it and you get a free image that is same value as the one you paid for.  Go ahead, contact me!

* Do I have to join anything to buy?

Nope. You pay as you go. The form will need your email address to send a receipt.

* What rights are available? 

I am a lot like you, I don’t like to sell the copyright, but that doesn’t mean it is not available.  There are many directions the rights can go and I realize sometimes the work is more useful to you than me.  Also, when commissioned, sometimes the ‘clever idea’ is yours and you might just want me to execute it for you.  Also, you might just see one of these affordable images as exactly what you want for a brand and you might want exclusive on it.  I own all the rights to all these drawings and am willing to negotiate a price for all rights. Understand that they have been published before , but I will take the image you want off the market if that is what is needed.

* How soon will you respond? 

  I am on the computer every day.  It is likely l will respond within three days.  Go ahead, contact me!

* A lot of these are in black and white.  What if I need something with color? 

I can color them for you.  In fact, I plan to go through them and color them all eventually. If you want one of the b&ws  in color,  I can do that with an added fee of $50 (ballpark).  But know that the colored image will also go up in the store for the same price.  contact me!

* What if I want custom art?

I have been a freelance artist for 40 years and much of that work has been custom or commissioned art.  I especially like to work with writers and fiction work.  We would have to talk about the uses and exactly what you want so I urge you to contact me.  I can give you ball park figures like $250—$500  for cover illustration and that would take a week.   Under all circumstances I will need 1/3 down in the beginning, second 1/3 once I have started the final color illustration, and the last third is due before I turn over the large, high resolution image.  If you want a larger project, looking for license or you are a publisher, I will introduce you to my agent, Mildred Yuan

* How do you price these pieces?  

A lot of the prices are arbitrary I will admit.  But I try to look at them by useability, detail,  and age.

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